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Stoney’s Cantina Menu



Titos Strawberry Lemonade $8

Titos vodka and strawberry lemonade.

-We match a dollar for every drink sold. Donations go to Youth on Record, helping students achieve academic success. 

Stoney’s Cantina House Margarita

Rocks $8 or Frozen $9

Add any Flavor for $1
Strawberry, Mango, Prickly Pear, Hibiscus, Passion Fruit, or Spicy.

Frozen Lemonade $8

Ask your server what the flavor is!

Cantina Coin Margarita $9

Altos Blanco, Combier Orange,
Fresh Lime, Agave.

Upgrade to Casamigos $3

Strawberry Basil Margarita $12

Casamigos Blanco, Strawberry, Lime, Basil.

Frozen Mexi-Rita $12

Mini Mexican beer inside jumbo frozen margarita.


Bucket of Beach Margarita $15

Giant 32 oz. Bucket of Stoney’s Blue Margarita


Triple P Margarita $25

Gran Patron Platinum, Fresh Lime, Agave, Triple Sec.


Stoney’s Green Margarita $9

(Top Taco 2018 Winner)
Herradura Silver, Cucumber, Pineapple, Cilantro, Fresh Lime.


Hot Verde Marg $9

Banhez Mezcal Espadin & Barilla, Habanero, Cucumber, Pineapple, Cilantro, Lime.

Dark Side of the Moon $8

16 oz Blue Moon topped with Guinness 

Paloma $8

Reposado Tequila, Grapefruit,
Grapefruit Soda, Lime.

Substitute Del Maguey Vida Mezcal $2


Perfect Patron Paloma $14

Patron Reposado, Grapefruit Juice,
Grapefruit Soda, Fresh Lime.

Ranch Water $8

Cenote Tequila, Soda, Fresh Lime.

Red Bull Tropical Tequila $9

Espolon Blanco, Orange Juice, Fresh Lime, Red Bull Yellow Edition (Tropical)

Pineapple & Jalapeño Mule $10

Altos silver, pineapple juice, habanero extract, ginger beer, fresh lime.


Austin Mule $7

Deep Eddy Lime, Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime.

Upgrade to Tito’s $2.


Añejo Old Fashioned $12

Herradura Añejo, Agave, House Bitters, Orange Peel, Mezcal Maraschino Cherry.

Upgrade to Patron Sherry Cask Aged Añejo $8


Oaxaca Old Fashioned $12

Chamucos Reposado, Del Maguey Chichicapa,

Angostura bitters, agave simple, mezcal soaked cherries. 


Iceberg $8

Pacifico, Frozen Marg Floater.


Mint Mojito Rocks $10

Bacardi, Mint, Fresh Lime.

Frozen Mojito $9

Bacardi, Mint, Fresh Lime.

Frozen Peach N Passion $8

Jameson, peach schnapps, passion fruit

Seasonal Cocktails
Beer & Shot Combos

Beer & Shot Combos

Fiesta Face $10

Dos XX Lager and shot of Milagro Silver

Cantina Bambina $10

Pacifico and shot of Espolon

T&A $9

Tecate and shot of Altos Silver

Frank Gallagher $7

Hamm’s and shot of Fernet Branca


Burro Borracho $10

Modelo and shot of Cazadores Repo


Bucking Bronco $7

Montucky and shot of Jeppson’s Malört

Bottles & Cans

Bottles & Cans

Epic Western Chispa Rita 4

Epic Western Paloma 4

Epic Western Ranch Water 4

Oskar Blues Lager 3

Coors Banquet  5

Corona  6

Corona Premier 6

Dos Eques Amber  6

Dos Eques 7oz  3

Miller Lite  5

Montucky Cold Snack  6

Modelo Negra 6

Modelo especial 6

Twisted Tea 5.50

Hamms  3

Dogfish Head Seaquench Ale 7

High Noon  8

Shilling Hard Cider  9

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer  6

Victoria  6

Tecate 5

White Claw  6

NON-ALCOHOLIC Heineken 0.0   4

Beer on Tap

Beer On Tap

16oz or 22oz 

Coors Light


Dos XX Lager


SN Hazy Little Thing


NB Voodoo IPA

Blue Moon

Dales Pale Ale

Kitchen Beer 10

Buy the Kitchen a beer! 
They work very hard and get very thirsty.

Tequila & Mezcal

Tequila & Mezcal


Altos 7

AreteNOM Selección 1123 9

Casa Dragones  14

Casa Dragones Joven 55

Casamigos 10

Clase Azul 18

Codigo 8

Don Fulano 9

Don Julio 10

Espolon Blanco 7

Fortaleza Blanco 11

Fuenteseca Blanco 15

Gran Patron Platinum 25

Gran Patron Smoky 35

Herradura Silver 6

Milagro 6

Patron Silver 10

Roca Patron Silver 13

Tequila Ocho Blanco 11

Teremana Blanco 7


ArteNOM Selección 1414 13

Casamigos 11

Cazadores 7

Chamucos 11

Clase Azul 18

Codigo 12

Don Julio 11

Din Julio Primavera 18

Fortaleza 11

Patron 9

Roca Patron 14

Tequila Ocho 10



ArteNOM Selección de 1146 18

Casamigos 15

Don Fulano 12

El Tesoro 14

Herradura 10

Extra Anejo

Don Julio 1942 22

El Tesoro Extra Anejo 25

Fuenteseca 15-year 75

Herradura Selección Suprema 75

Herradura Ultra 12

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 25


Casamigos 10

Clase Azul 50

Del Maguey Crema 7

Del Maguey Santo Domingo 12

Del Maguey Albarradas 14

Del Maguey Chichicapa 12

Del Maguey Las Milpas 12

Del Maguey Minero 16

Del Maguey Pechuga 30

Del Maguey San Jose Rio Minas 16

Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio 12

Del Maguey Tobala 18

Del Maguey Vida 7

Del Maguey Wild Papalome 16

Del Maguey Wild Tepextate 16

Xicaro Anejo 9

Xicaru Repo 8


Agave Spirits

Sotol Salvaje 9

Gerardo Ruelas, Sotol la Higuera 7

La Venenosa Tabernas Raicilla 10

Rancho Tepúa Bacanora 10

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Diet Pepsi

Mountain Dew

Sierra Mist

Dr. Pepper


Unsweetened Tea





Red Bull:

Energy Drink


Red Edition (Watermelon)

Yellow Edition (Tropical)

Brunch Cocktails

Preferred for brunch, available whenever!


Bloody Mary or Maria $9

Ask your server to spice it up!


Bloody Shot $6

Choose tequila or vodka, bloody mix, tajín rim


Stoney’s Mega Michelada $9

Pacifico, Clamato, House Spices, Tajín Rim, Cucumber, Lime, Chicharron


Michelada $7

Pacifico, Clamato, Chile, Lime


Fro-Mosa $8

Frozen margarita topped with champagne


Tequila Sunrise $7

Tequila, Orange Juice, Hibiscus


Screwdriver $7

Vodka, Orange Juice

Brunch Cocktails

Happy Hour

Tuesday-Friday: Open-6:30PM

$5 Margarita ($1 Flavors)

$5 Paloma

$5 22oz Coors

$6 22oz Pacifico

$6 22oz Beer of the month

$3 Chicharrones w/ Hot Sauce

$4 Loaded Chicharrones

$5 Salsa, Guac, Queso Sampler

$6 Crack Tacos

$6 Personal Nacho

Add chicken, beef, or plant-based chorizo $1

Daily Specials


Clue Trivia @7:00

2-4-1 Shots of (Milagro silver or Patron Dank Stash)

$12 AYCE Tacos (Comes with 3 hard-shell tacos, with a side of rice and beans)

$2 Chicken, Beef, or plant-based chorizo taco

$2 Al Pastor taco

$4 Shrimp taco

$6 Personal Nacho

$5 Guac, Queso, Salsa Sampler



AYCE bone-in or boneless wings

First order comes with fries. No to-go boxes or sharing!

First order comes with one dipping sauce - additional dipping sauces are $1

Buffalo, BBQ, Garlic Parm, Smokin' Garlic and Mango Habanero

AYCE bone-in wings $18 per person

AYCE boneless wings $15 per person

$5 Teremana blanco

$5 22oz Dos Equis



Team Trivia @7:00

 $5 Tullamore Dew

   $6 Milagro

     $7 Hendrick’s

Friday & Saturday


$4 Altos

$5 Long Island

$6 Jameson

DJ on by 10PM until last call.



Service Industry Specials 6PM-Close

$4 Fernet, Jameson, Herradura

$4 Tecate Light



NCAA Specials

$7.50 25oz Coors (Keep the cup)

$8.50 Dos Equis (Keep the cup)

$9 Barrel Aged Patron Reposado

$6 Epic Western: Paloma, Ranch water and margarita 

$125 Barrel Aged Patron Reposado Bottle (Keep throughout the season)

$6 Jack or Jack Fire

$6 Herradura Silver

$6 Deep Eddy (Original, Grapefruit or Lime)

$7 Jumbo Margarita

Happy Hour & Specials
Stuff for Dipping

Stuff for Dipping

Salsa Trio (V) 9

Salsa de la Casa Mild tomato-based salsa.
Ranchero Medium tomato and onion-based salsa with herbs and peppers.
Tomatillo and Chile de Arbol Spicy. Roasted tomatillos, garlic and onion with Chile de Arbol.

Guacamole 9

Smashed avocado, lime, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro.


BYO Queso (V) 10

Our queso blanco topped with pico de gallo.  


Add a Protein: Ground Beef, Beef Birria, Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Shredded Chicken, Shrimp, Plant-based Chorizo

Sauces: Mexican Sriracha, Yucatan habanero, Buffalo.

Stuff for Sharing

Stuff for Sharing




Bone-in Wings 1lb 18 / 1.5lbs 23

served tossed with choice of sauce 

Dry rub, Buffalo, BBQ, Galic Parm, Smokin' Garlic and Mango Habanero

Boneless wings 10 for 16 20 for 22

served tossed with choice of sauce 

Dry rub, Buffalo, BBQ, Galic Parm, Smokin' Garlic and Mango Habanero



Cantina Rolls 8

Crispy wonton loaded with fideos, queso, roasted corn, roasted poblano peppers, black beans, red onion and cilantro.  Served with jalapeno ranch.


Fried Chicken Tacos 8

2 fried chicken tender tacos tossed in buffalo sauce. Served on flour tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and crema.

Fiesta Fries 10

Smothered in queso blanco, pico de gallo and crema with a choice of chorizo, chicken or beef.

Chicken Tenders 12

Breaded and seasoned chicken tenders with fries and a choice of sauce.

Fiesta the fries for $3

Quesadilla 10

Flour Tortilla, shredded cheese and poblano peppers and onions.  Served with lettuce, pico de gallo and crema

Add ground beef or chicken – 2
Add beef birria, carne asada or al pastor – 3

Add Plant-based chorizo, Shrimp– 3

Nachos Grande 15

House chips piled high with queso blanco, jalapeños, pico de gallo, avocado salsa and crema.  Topped with fried pinto beans.      

Choice of chicken or beef. 
Sub beef birria or al pastor for -2.
Carne Asada -3. Plant-based chorizo -3. 

Ensaladas y Sopas


Taco Salad 14

Tortilla shell, refried pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and crema. Your choice of beef or chicken.  Served with a side of house salsa.

Mexican Pizza

Stoney’s Mexican Pizza 10

Cheese stuffed tortillas, topped with refried beans, guajillo pepper sauce, ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, crema and Mexican Sriracha

Mexican Pizzas


Tacos served on griddled corn and flour blended tortilla unless otherwise specified.  

Mondo Taco 6 (Flatbread)

Giant griddled gordita with choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or chorizo.  Topped with lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato and crema.


Double Mondo Taco 7 (Flatbread)

A crunchy taco shell filled with your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or chorizo.  Topped with lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato and crema. All nestled in a giant griddled gordita topped with refried beans.


Baja Fish Taco 5

Beer battered cod, green cabbage slaw, chipotle aioli.  Served on a flour tortilla. 


Shrimp Taco 5

Griddled taco stuffed with blackened shrimp, cheese, poblano peppers, onions, tomatillo/Chile de arbol sauce and topped with radish, onion and cilantro.

Quesabirria 5

Griddled taco dipped in adobo. Stuffed with beef birra, white cheddar cheese, and topped with onion and cilantro.  Served with consomé for dipping.


Carne Asada 5

Marinated carne asada, jalapeno salsa, onion and cilantro.


Al Pastor 4

Marinated pork, pineapple, onion and cilantro.


Fried Avocado  4

Flash fried avocado, shredded cabbage, habanero ranch, diced tomato, pickled onion, and cilantro


Fried Chicken Tacos 8

2 fried chicken tender tacos tossed in buffalo sauce . Served on flour tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and crema.



All served with fries. Fiesta the fries for $3.

Cheesesteak Torta 14

Shaved sirloin, poblano peppers and sauteed onions on a bolillo roll smothered in queso.


Cantina Burger 14

1/4 lb. smashburger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, white cheddar cheese and burger sauce.

Add Bacon -2, Add Green Chili -2 



Sopapillas 6

Classic sopapillas tossed in cinnamon and sugar.


Kids Menu

All $6 with choice of fries or
refried black beans.


Grilled Cheese

2 beef, chicken, or plant-based chorizo tacos

Chicken tenders

Cheese Quesadilla

Kids Menu


Sat-Sun 10am-2pm

Birria Grilled Cheese 12

Texas toast brushed with guajillo oil and griddled with white cheddar cheese, beef birria, onion and cilantro.  Served with breakfast potatoes and consomé for dipping.


Birria Hash 13

House potatoes tossed in guajillo sauce topped with beef birria, scrambled egg, queso blanco, onions cilantro and griddled tomatoes.

Sub Plant-Based Chorizo -2


Breakfast Burrito 12

Potato, scrambled egg, shredded cheese and chorizo wrapped and smothered in green chile and queso blanco and topped with pico de gallo.

Sub Planted-Based Chorizo -2


French Toast Sticks 8

Eight french toast sticks served with syrup for dipping.

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